Taking Care of Your Brushes!

I LOVE makeup and creating beautiful looks on myself as well as my clients… I DREAD having to clean the brushes afterwards! Ask any makeup artist what they dislike the most, and they will tell you it’s THE BRUSHES!  I am still trying to sweet-talk my teenage daughter into cleaning my brushes for me… So far, I’ve been unsuccessful LOL!

 Despite my unanswered prayers that my brushes will magically clean themselves overnight, I realize that maintaining clean and sanitary brushes is extremely important.  Clean and sanitized brushes safeguard against bacteria, which can cause acne breakouts and skin irritation, but also ensures a flawless application since they are squeaky clean. You should deep clean your brushes every week and spot clean before a new application. For professionals, brushes must be cleaned after every client appointment.

 So here’s how I clean and sanitize my brushes:

 Things you’ll need:

·          A cleaning agent of your choice (Baby Shampoo, Dawn, etc.)  My favorite cleanser is Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap.

·          70% Isopropyl Alcohol

·          Spray Bottle

·          Towel

·          Gloves (don’t want to ruin our manicures, right! LOL)

 Grab your cleaning items, head to your bathroom or kitchen and follow the steps below:

 1.         First, we want to get the makeup residue out of the brushes before we can sanitize them. So, take your chosen cleanser and put a small amount in your hand and rub and rinse the brush until the water runs clear.

 Extra Tip: If you have a stained synthetic hair brush which may be a bit stubborn to clean, use a small (very, very small) amount of olive oil and rub into the bristles, and rinse again with soap and hot water. It should get the last remnants out just fine.

 2.        Once your brushes are clean, lay them flat to dry on your towel.  Depending on the type of brush, this may take overnight…  Don’t fret, the hard part is done! The next part is easy!

 Extra Tip: Never dry your brushes standing up, as the water will go into the ferrule and potentially weaken the adhesive or worse, warp or crack the wood handle..Yikes!) 

 3.        After your brushes are dry, take the alcohol that you’ve put into your spray bottle and spray each of your brushes so that the bristles are wet (not soaked) and let them air dry. The alcohol will disinfect the brushes.  Once they are dry, they are ready to use.

 Extra Tip: The higher the percentage of Isopropyl Alcohol, the faster the brush will dry. However, the antiseptic properties decrease the higher the percentage.

 4.        If you need to reuse a brush to change colors, you can spray the bristles with your alcohol. Once the bristles dry, they are ready to be used again.

 J’s Beauty Pro Tip:

 Another alternative to spot cleaning that the pros use is Parian Spirit. This is an environmentally friendly makeup brush cleaner and conditioner. It is made from citrus spirits and food grade solvents. It’s perfect for quick color changes or those daily brush cleanings. I love it because I can safely and quickly clean, condition, and disinfect my brushes in between clients.  Your brushes will smell like a freshly squeezed orange too!! If you want more details about Parian Spirit, click here.